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These are new dogs that just came in or expected to be here shortly. Any can be applied for, but unless we already physically have them, we can't guarantee we will get them until they actually arrive. Most of these are in foster homes and you will get more details upon filling out an application to adopt. If you have a question beforehand, please email

Here are some wonderful pups ... looking for a Human to Adopt!

Pixie Pixie is a 1-2 year old mixed breed dog who weighs about 30 lbs. She is extremely sweet and ready for a new home. She had puppies but none of them made it in the shelter so she came up to start her new life. She is spayed, up to date with shots, HW negative and on preventative and microchipped. She is good with other dogs, cats, and kids. Submit an application here! Angelica Angelica came up from Alabama with her 6 puppies. She is now ready to be spayed (Monday the 21st) and then will be ready for her new home. She is up to date with shots, microchipped, HW negative and on preventative. She gets along with the dogs and cat in her foster home and is very affectionate to all people. Submit an application here!
José José is a 2-3 year old Chihuahua mix who thought he had found his forever home, but the owner had health issues and he is back in rescue. He was originally found behind a business tied to a dumpster. He was thin and young! He is now healthy and ready for a home. He does ok with the other dogs in the home and the cat, but would prefer to have a person all to himself. He is house trained and loves to cuddle! He is neutered, up to date with shots, microchipped, HW negative and on preventative. Submit an application here! Luther Luther is a Pom Mix who is estimated to be around 2 years old. He is a sweet little guy once you get to know him, but tends to be a little afraid at first. Not sure what happened to the little guy, but it takes him a bit to trust anyone. He is neutered, up to date with shots, microchipped, and HW negative. He is good with kids, other dogs although he is not too fond of "in your face dogs" and doesn't bother the cat. Submit an application here! Rose Rose is around 9-10 years old and is coming back because her owner has fallen ill. She was adopted 2 years ago and was happy there. She does have separation anxiety and is deathly afraid of thunder storms, but did better with at thunder shirt when she was here. She is fine if left alone and not confined, but can be destructive if she is confined somewhere. She is an awesome girl in search of her retirement home. She has some lameness as any older gal will, but nothing serious. She is spayed, up to date with shots, microchipped, and HW negative. Do you have a special place in your heart for the seniors? Submit an application here!
Chewy My name is Chewy! I am around 5 years old and a Retriever/Chow mix. I got my name because I had gotten my back leg stuck in a bear trap and chewed off my back leg to free myself. It was left to heal on its own. I had a family and another companion brother named Booze. Then my life turned upside down again with the sad loss of my human mom due to cancer. Don’t know why, but my dad owner must have been really upset, and left with a traveling carnival. A friend who realized that myself and my brother were left in a trailer, with nothing and no one, tried to help. Our trailer was going to be demolished in the park our fate was... "either a bullet to the head or to be sent to a shelter". We know this story sounds absolutely unbelievable, but it is unfortunately true, and all documented, as it happened here in the Rochester, NY area. Chewy’s foster mom says he has only been with her for a couple of weeks and is doing wonderful! Quite the lover! She calls him a “TRUE SURVIVOR” because after all he has been through never gives up, and is very forgiving. He is not a barker, and is crate-trained, housebroken, up to date on vaccines, neutered and has had cosmetic surgery on his back leg. No signs of food- or dog-aggression, gets along with her female Chow foster no issues, but believes he would not do well with young dogs with lots of energy and wanting to play all the time. He loves to give kisses, get belly rubs and rides great in a car. He is a happy go lucky guy and definitely needs to find a loving home to rest his head and give someone unconditional love. If you are interested in Chewy... Submit an application here!

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