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These are new dogs that just came in or expected to be here shortly. Any can be applied for, but unless we already physically have them, we can't guarantee we will get them until they actually arrive. Most of these are in foster homes and you will get more details upon filling out an application to adopt. If you have a question beforehand, please email

Here are some wonderful pups ... looking for a Human to Adopt!

Lana Lana is an older Beagle at about 8 years old. She came with 3 of her puppies to a better life. She is a sweet girl and LOVES attention. She likes to get up and sit with you. She is a small Beagle, but has the big Beagle bay! She doesn't bark a lot, just if there is something outside she sees, she is mostly a quiet girl. She is spayed, up to date with shots, microchipped, HW negative and on prevention. Adoption donation is $200. Submit an application here! Hershey Hershey is a 5 year old mix who was adopted as a baby and turned back in. She is a very sweet girl who is learning how to be a dog now! She is no longer crated at all and is doing great. Her hair is growing back in and she has lost some weight with good food and exercise! Although she has met some children, it would probably be best if she were in an all adult home. She is spooked easily and too much activity may not be the best scenario for her. She also is not real fond of cats although she tolerates her foster feline siblings. Adoption donation is $200. Submit an application here!
Aurora Aurora is a puppy mill rescue who was released recently. She is approximately 8 years old and was used for breeding her entire life. She is a beauty with her long, red hair. She is being spayed, teeth cleaned, all shots, microchipped, and HW tested tomorrow so she will be all ready for a home. She is shy, takes a while to warm up. She likes to go outside, but is in no way housetrained, she will need work in that department. Adoption donation is $200. Submit an application here! Darby Darby is a 3 year old Shihtzu who was recently released from a puppy mill. She was supposed to be a breeder, but only had one litter (thankfully). She is being spayed, teeth checked, microchipped, shots, and HW tested tomorrow. She is warming up, still shy and afraid to be picked up. Adoption donation is $250. Submit an application here! Lottie Lottie is s 2 year old chocolate Chihuahua who is just gorgeous. She was recently released from a commercial breeding facility, but has never had a litter. She has been spayed, teeth cleaned, given all her shots, HW tested (negative), on preventatives, and microchipped. She is a sweet little girl who would LOVE to have someone show her that humans are wonderful! She is pretty friendly although cautious of new people. Submit an application here!
Magpie Magpie is approx 9 months old. She is spay and up to date on shots. We believe she may be a Lab Shep. She is energetic, potty- and crate-trained. She would benefit from a fenced yard so some of her puppy energy could be used up in constructive ways. She is a vocal dog and has a high pitched barkā€¦ so apartment life may not be the best option! She is not a big barker but barks (talks) and is very expressive. Larger kids should be OK but not small ones due to her size and energy level. She is not mean but still a big goofy uncoordinated dog that frequently runs others over:)) Submit an application here! Taylor Taylor is a long haired tan Dachshund who is 7 years old. She is very friendly and seems to like people. She was recently turned in from a breeder. She has been spayed, is up to date with shots, HW negative and on preventative, and microchipped. She is good with the other dogs and seems to like everyone. Adoption donation is $150. Submit an application here! Havoc Havoc is a super sweet young boy who loves to play, run, snuggle, get belly rubs, and just plain hang out near (or on!) his humans. He is learning what it means to be a dog in a home (not to jump up on counters, etc.) but is very responsive and is learning quickly. Does really well on a leash, is crate-trained and working on potty training. We'll be taking him to the dog park soon, so that he can meet some doggie friends but he's been very respectful of our dog. He might not do well in a home with very small children, only because of his size and playfulness, but I can also see the right family working with him on boundaries such that even that might not be an issue. Adoption donation is $300. Submit an application here!
Jackson Jackson is a 9 year old Shibu Inu who was just released from a commercial breeder. He is pretty social, not sure about cats, but ok with other submissive dogs. He is neutered, up to date with shots, HW negative, on prevention, and microchipped so he is all ready for a new life! He does pretty well on leash, but can try to back out of it. He is great in the fenced yard, loves to run and play. He is a beautiful boy! Adoption donation is $200 Submit an application here! Oscar Oscar, the Puggle, is again looking for a new home. He is a very nice boy, but needs someone who is home and has time for him! He loves nothing more than to cuddle on a lap or lay beside you on the couch. I am looking for a home where someone doesn't work or can take him with them. He is completely vetted and loves everyone: kids, dogs, and cats. If interested in giving Oscar his FOREVER home, submit an application. Adoption donation is $250 Submit an application here! Buddy Buddy is a male Lab/Pit mix who is around 18 months old. He needs a dog savvy owner who is willing to do training with him. He is very obedient and has calmed down a lot since he is able to get outside to run and play. I would prefer he be an only dog at this point even though he does get along with others most of the time. He is a good boy and very clean. He is neutered, up to date with shots, microchipped and HW negative. Adoption donation is $200. Submit an application here!
Grisby Grisby is a Chow mix who is around 5 years old. He does well with other dogs, but is not so great with cats. Not sure he would hurt them, but he barks and chases. He needs to have a family that is predominantly female, he prefers females and will be someone's best friend. No children under 12! Adoption donation is $200. Submit an application here! Lillianna Lillianna is a little lady who is approx 8 yrs old. She has been spayed, had a dental which left her only a couple of teeth, is up to date on her vaccines. If you are looking for a cuddle bug, this little black Poodle would love to sit on your lap all day long. She weighs between 8 and 9lbs so she is easy to carry around. She loves to be outside, but is not totally house trained. She does not do well around children, so will need an adult household. She is being fostered in the Finger Lakes area. Adoption donation is $200.00. Submit an application here! Zeus Zeus is a 3 yr old Boxer/Pit mix who is just as sweet as can be. He needs a family where someone is home a lot as he can get anxious if he is left alone too long. I really can't blame him as he has been shifted around a lot and is probably very confused. He is a sweet boy though and just wants to be with people. Adoption donation is $200. Submit an application here!
Breanna Breanna is an approximately 8 year old Maltese. She weighs a WHOLE 7 lbs! She was recently released from a commercial breeding facility and is now FREE. She is spayed and up to date on shots. She is really looking for someone to love and snuggle with her. She is very sweet, just a bit shy which is normal for a mill dog. Adoption donation is $200 Submit an application here! Rose~Bud Rose~Bud is a Pit mix. She is a wonderful, healthy girl. UTD on all boosters and spay. She is about 3 years old and about 50 lbs. She is crate trained, leash trained, rides well in the car and housebroken. She will chew if she does not have access to her toys but otherwise is a doll of a dog. Friendly, plays with all sorts of pups in her foster home. Likes big and little, old and young. She has just been spay and all but one of her last litter has been adopted. If those pups are as nice as their mom they will be great companions. She is verbally smart, loving, sleeps cuddled up on the people bed all night. She was a wonderful puppy mama. If you are looking for a nice dog, that will be loving and loyal... look no further... here she is:)) Adoption donation is $250 Submit an application here! Lex Lex is a sweet, playful and lovable young Pitty mix. He adores playing hide and seek with his foster fur-sister and snuggle in his foster mom's lap. Lex is both crate- and house-trained. He is up to date on his vaccinations, microchipped and heartworm tested. He would love to find a permanent home where he can be cherished as he should be. Lex prefers to be the dominant furbaby or an only dog as he loves the be the one receiving all the love and attention. Do you have a place in your heart for Lex? Adoption donation is $250 Submit an application here!
Molly Molly is believed to be between 1-2 years old. She was brought to a vet to be put down because she was not good with the other dog in the home. We don't believe this is the case since she has come into contact with MANY other dogs since being rescued and has had no issues with anyone. If anything, she is somewhat scared if the other dog is dominant. She absolutely loves her foster Dad and curls up with him every chance she gets. She gets along wonderful with all her canine foster siblings. Adoption donation is $300.00. Submit an application here! Sam Sam is a standard Poodle who really needs to be an only dog. He would do best with someone who was experienced with the breed as he can be very stubborn. No young kids, an all adult home would be best. His adoption donation is $200. Submit an application here! Journey Journey is a young Lab mix who is in search of her forever home. She would do best with a fenced yard and another dog to play with. She is vocal so no apartments and a home in the country might be best. She is good with other dogs and friendly. NO PHONE CALLS. Adoption donation is $300. Submit an application here!
Oh Henry Oh Henry is a brown small mix who is a sweet dog in many ways. He is approx 5-7 years old. He love pets and cuddles, he is verbally responsive. He is still learning about potty outside stuff but is doing much better. He does not like to be picked up AT ALL. He will bite. However if he jumps up in your lap and then you stand up with him he is fine. He must have had some scare or injury when he was picked up at some time. He is a lovebug otherwise. He is about 20 pounds, and vetted except a chip. He would be a great addition to a home without kids. Adoption donation is $200. Submit an application here!

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