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These are new dogs that just came in or expected to be here shortly. Any can be applied for, but unless we already physically have them, we can't guarantee we will get them until they actually arrive. Most of these are in foster homes and you will get more details upon filling out an application to adopt. If you have a question beforehand, please email

Here are some wonderful pups ... looking for a Human to Adopt!

Bella Bella is a 1 year old Lhasa Apso that is sweet as can be once she gets to know you. She still needs to be spayed and microchipped, but will then be available for adoption. She is definitely a women's dog and barks/growls at men. She may come around, has improved a lot already in her foster home. She likes other dogs and loves to play. She is good with kids once she gets to know them, but does not like sudden movements so older kids would be better. Submit an application here! Grisby Grisby is a 5 year old Chow (could be a mix) who is completely vetted and ready to go to his new home. He is such a good boy who loves attention and to eat! He is not really much of a player but enjoys the company of another dog. He definitely will need a fenced in yard and not invisible fencing or a tie out. If he wants to get away or chase something he does an alligator roll. He is a sweet heart and great boy. He is not a jumper, nor a barker. He has really bonded with Aria so I think a female companion who is confident and a leader but not a dominant female would be good. He is so funny when he eats. He lays down and keeps the bowl in between his front paws and will look up at you with a smile and tail wagging! I would suggest no children under 10-12. He is completely vetted and ready for a new home.Submit an application here!
Oh Henry Oh Henry is a brown small mix who is a sweet dog in many ways. He is approx 5-7 years old. He love pets and cuddles, he is verbally responsive. He is still learning about potty outside stuff but is doing much better. He does not like to be picked up AT ALL. He will bite. However if he jumps up in your lap and then you stand up with him he is fine. He must have had some scare or injury when he was picked up at some time. He is a lovebug otherwise. He is about 20 pounds, and vetted except a chip. He would be a great addition to a home without kids. Submit an application here! Stella Stella is a puppy mill rescue who hasn't been out of the mill for long. She is estimated to be around 6 years old. She, like many puppy mill dogs, lost most of her teeth during her dental due to such bad nutrition. We had her spayed and she is up to date with shots and HW negative. She is still shy of being picked up, but is coming around and is actually doing well considering her past. Submit an application here! Shelby Shelby is a 2-3 year old Lab mix, possibly with Border Collie. She is spayed and up to date with shots, she will be microchipped before adoption. She gets along GREAT with Zeke, the resident male Lab who is very submissive, but not Jenny who is the dominant female in the home. Therefore, we would prefer she go to a home with a playful male dog or a home with no other dogs. NO CATS, she has not hurt one, but we feel she might if given the chance. She has had no issues with people at all, but we don't know about kids younger than 11. She is probably too active for young children. She would do great with a fenced yard or a family who does a lot of outdoor activities. Submit an application here!
Acoya Acoya is a 6-7 year old German Shepherd mix. He is not as big as a typical GSD, but looks very much like one. He is a bit shy, but does very well with the foster children and other dogs. He is house trained, neutered, up to date with shots, HW negative and microchipped. He is a sweet boy who is looking for a forever home! Submit an application here! Marci This is our little Marci who was rescued by Hubbard's Hounds. She was injured and became paralyzed in her back legs and needed someone to rescue her. We flew one of our volunteers to Texas and Marci was escorted home. We fitted her with her very own "custom wheels" so she can get around. She's just the sweetest little girl. Marci will be looking for a VERY SPECIAL furever home where she'll receive the love and special care she needs. She'll need to be spayed, but that can't be until March because of her injury. Watch her video here. Submit an application here! Dooby Blue Dooby Blue is about 6 years old and a sweetheart. He was adopted as a pup and returned when the family situation changed. He is relearning how to live in a family home and is doing pretty well. He is completely vetted, but from his previous household, he tested positive for ehrlichia. At this time he is symptom free and is really a great boy. Submit an application here!
Sheba Sheba is 9 yrs old and will be spayed on Dec 6th. After that, she will be able to go to her new home. Her foster family says Sheba has a great personality! So sweet and gentle! Submit an application here! Rascal Rascal is a 9-10 month old Pit Bull mix who is just a joy. He is very calm and is good with people. His only vice besides still being a puppy is that he can be food aggressive with other dogs. That is mostly because he is SOOO thin, I can see every rib in his little body. I am trying to get him fattened up and hopefully he will never worry about getting fed again. I would prefer he was an only dog with a Pit-experienced owner. He will make a GREAT companion and listens well. Submit an application here! Brody Brody is a Shihtzu mix who is about 3 years old. He has been neutered, is up to date with shots, microchipped, HW negative and on prevention. He might do best as an only dog or with another dog who really doesn't care about playing. Brody would rather be on his person's lap or laying around. He doesn't bother the other dogs, just isn't a good playmate. If you are interested in Brody, submit an application. Submit an application here!
Sheruff Sheruff is a 10-12 month old Pit Bull mix who is very active. He LOVES to play and needs a lot of exercise. He is going to need someone who is versed in the bully breed dogs. He wants what he wants when he wants it and will need continual training. I would prefer he was an only dog or with one other with an experienced dog owner. Because of his size and strength, no kids under 14 or so. He will grow out of his playfulness in time, but needs to be active. Submit an application here! Miss Puff Meet Miss Puff. She was a breeder in a commercial breeding facility. She is a tiny 7 pound pup, about 3 years old that initially bit out of fear but now comes and begs to be picked up and loves to give and get kisses. She has a lot to learn as she has no socialization. She is not yet spay as she is in heat but will have a dental and be spay asap. She is HW and fecal negative and will get her last set of boosters when she is spayed. She is an energizer bunny. She is doing quite good with the housebreaking lessons and taught herself the doggie door the first day here. She will be a funny, loving, cuddly companion for the right family. Because she is still jumpy at times and faster than a nascar she needs a fenced yard and no small kids at this point. She likes others dogs and is very playful. Submit an application here! Huck Finn Huck Finn is a small hound mix. He came to us as Leeco from KY and was in rough shape. Broken jaw and broken leg. He was taken to a surgeon to see if anything could be done, but only rest was going to help since it had already started healing. Today, he is a new dog! He loves to play with his foster siblings and is doing well. Huck is a very loving, cuddly, affectionate dog. He has put on weight and looks great! He is potty trained, crate trained, leash trained and ready for adoption. Submit an application here!
Misha Misha is a Jap Chin mix who is around 6 years old. He has had both eyes removed due to issues so he is blind, but that doesn't bother him in the least. He has been neutered, is up to date with shots, HW negative and will be microchipped before adoption. He LOVES everyone and does excellent in his foster home! Submit an application here!

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