Would you like to make a HUGE difference in the life of a dog? It is a wonderful experience to foster, rehabilitate, and then send a dog to a wonderful forever home! Many worry they won’t be able to give the dog up…I worried about that also, and I have failed a couple times. But I’ve also placed many, many dogs in their forever homes! It is a very rewarding experience and there is always help to guide you through.

If you are interested in doing a great thing for dogs, and you’d like to be considered as a foster family, please fill out the application below.  Once the application is checked and references are called, we will come to your house for a home visit and talk with you about fostering. You will need to complete a Foster Contract to complete the process.

Our fosters stretch out across a wide area of New York State, so no one is too far away! Please apply below!

Another way you can help our rescue is by doing Home Visits for potential adopters. Our applicants come from all over the state and sometimes we don’t have foster homes in those areas (or our fosters are just too busy handling the pups!) Having a broad network of trusted people to help us check the homes of our applicants is vital to getting our dogs adopted! We have an easy checklist that you can take with you on a Home Visit and we’re always available to handle any questions or concerns. Please apply below!


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