Smokey is a older man who came to me a couple years ago. He had heartworm disease and was treated in KY before he arrived. I have conflicting paperwork on his age so I honestly do not know how old he is. When he first came, he coughed terribly, but hardly ever coughs anymore. He doesn’t wear a collar or a harness unless we go for a walk and that has helped him a lot. He is house trained for the most part and never chews anything. He is left out when I go to work during the day. I always call him my tiny GSD because he looks like a german shepherd, but is small. He weighs around 25 lbs and is doing great.

At this time, I think Smokey has been through enough changes in his life and has been with me for a couple years so he is not available for adoption, but if you would like to sponsor Smokey, please go to the website and make a donation. Smokey thanks you!

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