Lenny is Looking for a Home for the Holidays!

Lenny is an adorable Mountain Feist mix. This terrier breed originates in the Southern Appalachian and Ozark Mountains and were likely companions to original North American pioneers (George Washington and Lincoln even wrote about these pups!) True to breed temperament, Lenny is curious, intelligent, alert, and physically active.

Sweet Lenny

Sweet Lenny

His foster family is working on house-training (Lenny figured out the dog door in less than a minute) and he’s been learning a lot about what to do (and what not to do) in a home. He is a great companion dog and thoroughly enjoys being around his foster family. He would do best with another young, active dog to keep him company (he adores his senior foster sibling but is a bit much for her!) He has done well with the toddler in his foster home, but has a lot of energy so would ideally do best with older children who can appropriately engage with him and handle his high activity level.

Lenny & his big (human) brother

Lenny & his big (human) brother

A high-fenced yard or leashed walks is a must for this guy since his nose and prey-drive lead him and are always “on”. Similarly, he needs a home without cats or other small animals. Lenny can be a little mischievous on occasion, but is a very good boy when exercised appropriately and will be a wonderful addition to the right family. He is currently crated overnight or when the humans leave and has done very well with it. At 4 months old and ~25lbs, Lenny’s the perfect size. Did we mention he is also neutered and fully vetted?! In short, Lenny is ready for a home for the holidays–can you help??

View our adoption process (with link to adoption application) at http://www.hubbardshounds.com/index.php/adopt-a-dog/

Havoc still looking for his forever family…

Havoc - posing collage (shrunk)

This very handsome lab mix just turned 3! He had a rough start in life–battling parvo as a tiny puppy and then undergoing open abdominal surgery to remove an intestinal blockage when he was only a few months old. After finally recovering, he was brought to a foster home in Ithaca, NY thanks to Hubbard’s Hounds. Because he spent his younger months in a vet hospital, he missed out on prime socialization time that would have helped him become the confident boy his size and stature (solid 85 lbs!) would otherwise suggest. But, with time and patience, he has done very well in his foster home and he has a lot to offer the right person!

Havoc is easy-going around the house and is typically a medium-energy pup. He very much enjoys relaxing around his favorite people and he is happy to nap pretty much anywhere!
Havoc - napping collage (shrunk)

Havoc walks very well on a short leash with a properly fitted prong collar (this helps keep his attention focused on his handler) and he’s a fabulous running & hiking buddy. He also loves going for rides in the car (short or long) and his foster mom often brings him along to run errands when the weather is appropriate. He has done some backyard agility work to help build confidence and is generally eager to please although, when he gets over-excited, he sometimes gets the zoomies and tears around like a giant goofball. He loves playing w balls (there are some hard rubber kinds that last a bit longer than tennis balls) although he tends to enjoy HAVING the ball, as opposed to dropping it for fetch over and over again. He also likes rope bones and other chew toys, but because he can make short work of some toys, his foster mom is very careful to make sure any small pieces are removed so he can’t accidentally swallow them.
Havoc - playing collage (shrunk)

As mentioned, Havoc can exhibit some anxiety, although there are a lot of ways to snap him out of it. Currently, isolation distress (being left all alone) is his biggest challenge, so he would do best in a home where there could always be someone with him. He has adapted well to his foster home (solid routines are key for him) and they are currently able to crate him, alongside their dog, for several hours at a time, several times a week. He may not be ready for this in a new home right away, but patient training should help. And when his foster family goes out of town, they have had housesitters stay with great success (Havoc doesn’t necessarily mind WHO is with him, just prefers that SOMEONE is.) 🙂

Havoc cannot be in a home with small animals because of his prey drive & size, and he can appear dog selective although (like his other ‘quirks’) it is really just a matter of managing his anxiety. He benefits from calm introductions (like long walks together, over multiple meetings) in order to build up trust and has done well with other dogs in this way. Finally, Havoc cannot be in a home with young children because they honestly just scare the bejeebers out of him. Older children who are dog savvy (and can understand how to read his mood and the need to behave calmly) may be okay.

This handsome buddy has been patiently waiting for his forever home and would really love to find his person–could you be that family for him? Please email hubbardshoundsinfo@gmail.com if you want to learn more about Havoc, or submit an application today!

Lucy Renee

Lucy Renee is a sweet mid sized girl. She is completely vetted and has finished her HW treatment. She would like a home without other dogs, but she does play with Asia and might be ok with one other submissive dog. She has A LOT of energy and really would be a great running or hiking partner. She will need  more training with all her energy, but is really doing pretty well. If you are interested in Lucy Renee, submit an application on our website. Your life will never be dull again! NO preteen children, not sure about cats. Adoption donation is $250


lucy1 lucy2 lucy83117a (1)

Update on Shelbi-Lyn

Maddie had her senior portraits done and we couldn’t capture the memories without her best friend. She actually has really warmed up to the entire family. She is the most loving little girl to the other dogs. As you can see, if “queen Sophie” has warmed up to her. We celebrated “Noodle” (that’s what Maddie affectionately calls her…) “Gotcha Day”…she had special treats and got a new bed and toys.  She loves to travel about with us. Loves to go to ice cream stands and loves to kayak with Maddie and my Dad at his camp site. She gets so excited when she sees her life vest come out. Aside from all of that she is Maddie’s shadow. Always attached to her when she’s doing her homework or painting and drawing. She has helped eliminate much of Maddie’s stress and anxiety she suffered from just by being around. We are forever grateful for this amazing little addition to our family.


FullSizeRender5 FullSizeRender4FullSizeRender3FullSizeRender2FullSizeRender


Calamity is around 50 pounds and loves to run around the fenced yard and go for long walks. She is good with all people she has met but because of her size and energy would probably be best in a home without very young kids. She is housetrained and loves her crate. She will sleep either in her crate or in bed with her person. She can be mischievous and enjoys getting into everything, so she will need someone with patience and time to work with her. She is learning how to play with toys and will sit and lay down for food. She is not a barker and loves to be petted and rubbed and snuggle up on the couch at night. If you think you have the right home for Calamity submit an application! Adoption donation is $200.

IMG_9197 IMG_9211

Gunner Update

Gunner is now good friends with mom’s parents’ dog, they get on opposite ends of the same toy and tug.  He’s getting bigger and seems to really enjoy trying to get the cats to play. This week’s discovery – chasing snow balls is even better than a tennis ball because you get all the running and hopping without having to “drop it.” 
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Sassy Frassy

We received a lovely pup-date from Sassy’s family…

Miss Sassy~Frassy’s entire universe changed on May 2nd, 2015 when Eileen of Hubbard Hounds introduced her to a new household. Her new environment consisted of some new, rather scary things such as leashes, grassy lawns, stairs, people who wanted to hold and pet you, a new brother named Chester…and, what is this posture called sitting? On top of everything, one was expected to go to the bathroom on a leash, on one of these grassy lawns, and horrors of horrors, there is a person called a “dog groomer” who tortures pooches by bathing them and cutting their hair!

Picture1 Picture2


After a while, Sassy, being of Westie blood after all, learned that stairs, leashes and going to the bathroom outside wasn’t too much of an imposition.

Always the sweet, happy  girl and quite the mother, Sassy knew that Chester was a good guy…and Chester, in due time, realized that being mothered was actually rather pleasant…

Picture3 Picture4


Before long, Sassy was introduced to a concept called “camp.” At this additional not-very-scary, actually fun new location, she discovered that while inside, one could curl up next to a wolf (?) or better yet, Mommy…and….she that could actually sit!

Picture5 Picture6


When one ventures outside, there are these very curious beasts called deer, and utterly amazing creatures called ducks, who, believe it or not, actually seem to live on a lake and even enjoy it!



On top of all of that, Sassy discovered that, in conjunction with a lake, there are things called boats, and tubes, and holy cow!, these squirmy, flippy and exciting things called fish!

Fish need to be watched very, very carefully at all times, no matter what! However, one can always take a break and sun themselves on Mommy…

Picture9 Picture10 Picture11

Back at the home front, we, learned that our name is Sassy, and it is our prerogative to choose when to acknowledge it. We got blessed at church one day along with lots of other furry four legged and some non-furry two-legged folks. Being in Western New York, one has to cheer (shudder) for the Bills.

Picture12 Picture13

Furthermore, it is imperative to protect Mommy while she cooks in the kitchen! One day, Sassy was introduced to another interesting place called Grammy’s where there were two other four-legged ladies and one additional very nice two-legged lady with lots of treats. And then, seemingly out of the blue, it was Sassy’s birthday! Yummy!

Picture14 Picture16Picture15

And, based on lessons learned at camp, Sassy discovered that it is a Westie’s sworn duty to be alert at all time to protect one’s home from evil squirrels…

But, best of all, to Dan and Melissa’s delight, Sassy came to realize that being hugged and cuddled and loved was a great delight after all!

Picture17 Picture18

Blue Bayou

Blue is a medium sized dog. Approx 2 years old. He has a history of abuse and came to us as a puppy with a broken jaw.

He is afraid of men and is an object a d food guarder. He needs a female home, no kids or men. He also needs a fenced yard. He startled easily and could be a flight risk. He is otherwise a happy little dog.

He is house broken, crate trained and comes when called . He loves his female person and is very loving.

If you fit the needs described please consider putting in an application.