Lex the wonder dog!

Lex the wonder dog! He can leap tall couches in a single bound! he can fly around the house and still find the time to give u sloppy kisses while passing you by! Lex is a 1.5 yo pitty mix who is such an awesome, sweet, lovable and goofy boy. He enjoys wrestling with my little schnauzer mix and laying in my lap. He gets very excited when people come to the door and just loves everyone. He adores squeaky toys and bones. He even likes to play hide and seek with Schatzie (the schnauzer) as shown in one of the attached pic). He is a bit spoiled and likes to sleep under the covers with me which I don’t mind as it saves on heat! Lex would love nothing more than to have a forever home. Do you have room in your heart for this stunningly handsome boy? If so please go online to Hubbards Hounds and apply!

Lex 3 Lex 2 Lex 1

Havoc – Blurb & Photo

Havoc is a wonderful dog who has, sadly, been returned to us twice! We love having him so that’s okay with us, but he’s a fantastic buddy dog who deserves to have a family of his very own!

Havoc is just over a year old, ~65lbs, and is very handsome with a great tan and white coat. He adores playing with his foster sister and is a big hit at the dog park. He is house trained (using a dog door to fenced yard to potty) and stays in his crate overnight and when his humans are gone. He is a strong chewer so needs appropriate toys, and he loves chasing after balls (luckily, we’ve found some rubber ones that hold up much longer than tennis balls!) He is super athletic but still needs to work on coordination, lol. He loves to go-go-go if there is something exciting happening, but is medium energy overall and loves to curl up and nap as long as he’s near his family.

Havoc does not do well around small children as they make him very anxious. He can occasionally be nervous around some adult humans, especially if they are nervous of him, but there are easy ways to work on this with him and he adjusts well! He had some anxiety issues when crated/left alone for long periods of time in a previous home, but we have found that as long as we can get him past the state of anxiety, he does just fine.

Havoc loves to travel and just wants to be around his family, whoever they may be. He will need someone who can be patient with and work correctly on his anxiety issues and someone who is home much of the time would be ideal, just to help ease his transition. Please consider adding Havoc to your home–he is loyal, funny, handsome, and will give you more love than you could possibly imagine!

sleeping couch Havoc turf

Shelbi-Lyn a Blurb & Photo

Hi. My name is Shelbi-Lyn. I’m 6 years young, have all my shots, and currently staying with an awesome foster family. I came from an unpleasant breeding situation so I am so loving all the comfort and love my foster is giving me. I’m a little nervous meeting new people but I’m learning most people are very nice and only want to love me. My foster mom taught me how to go down stairs. Boy that was scary, by now I’m a pro. I would love to meet you and see if we are a match, you know you want me.


Petey, the little Rascal!!

Hi, my name is Petey and I am an 8 month old Terrier mix. I moved here from TN as a stray when Hubbard Hounds rescued me, now I am living with my foster family and learning to be a great family member! I listen well and am eager to learn new things, so far I have learned to sit, use the doggy door, go potty outside and sleep in my crate!! My foster mom says I am going to the vet soon for any needed vaccinations and to be neutered. Are you looking for a new family member that gets along well with other dogs, loves to play with kids and snuggle on the couch?? If so, HERE I AM!!


Homer’s Journey Home!

By Kathy Traverse:


This beautiful, 4-year-old, Treeing Walker Coonhound mix dog was walking in the middle of a busy street in Memphis, TN, last Christmas Eve. Fortunately,Jessica Johnson saw him and rescued him. For 3 weeks, she hid him in her apartment — over her landlord’s instructions — while she searched for his owners — to no avail. Facing eviction if she kept Homer, she asked the rescue community for help.

Homer was fully vetted, and ALL of his vetting and boarding was donated by generous, thoughtful people who wanted Homer to have the life that he deserved. Homer received all of his shots; was given the Pro-Heart injection, which protects him from HWs for 6 months; received flea/tick prevention; and was neutered. Thankfully, Homer was HW negative!

Within 3 hours of Homer’s pictures and story appearing on FB, Diane Behnke, who lives in NY, fell in love with Homer! Susan Hubbard, with Hubbard’s Hounds Dog Rescue, agreed to accept Homer into her rescue — and if everything works out between Diane’s dominant dog and Homer, Homer will be HOME! We are all optimistic that things will work out based upon Homer’s sweet, calm, and submissive disposition. If not, Susan’s rescue will ensure that Homer finds the best home and family possible.

Yesterday, Homer began his 2-day journey from Memphis to NY! I cannot even begin to tell you how many volunteers have played a part in transporting Homer home! These selfless, loving people give their time and energy every weekend to transport rescued dogs from the South to the North. Without them, we could not rescue! I applaud — and am in awe of — all of them. Many thanks to Paulette Chandler, who spends countless hours and energy coordinating the transport runs for these special dogs! Thank you to EVERYONE who works together to make these rescue ventures possible. Every cog in the wheel is important and appreciated.

As some of you know, I don’t post write-ups of many of the dogs I help rescue. However, there are times when I think that it is important to let folks know how WELL the rescue community can work together … and how MUCH can be achieved when people work together.

I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done — not only to help Homer find his way home, but also to help countless other animals find their way to their forever homes. I love and appreciate each and every one of you!

homer2 homer3 homer1

Update on Alexander

In rescue, it is (or should be) all about SAVING a dog and putting them into a good situation. We don’t always just pull a dog to be brought in for foster, sometimes we help an individual adopt a dog. They go through the same process with the application so we can be sure the dog is going to a good home. A few months ago, I was contacted by a wonderful lady who had come to love a dog at a local shelter. She asked me for help and I gladly helped her get Alexander! Alexander had been adopted and returned to the shelter so was not adoptable to the general public, he was going to be killed. Annette couldn’t let that happen and wanted to take him into her home. I just got this wonderful update on him. It is slow going, but most often if people would take it slow with introductions, it will eventually work!

I just wanted to send you an update on Alexander, and once again, thank you so much for helping save his life.  He is such a wonderful, smart and lovable boy. He loves his belly rubs and pretending he’s a lap dog. He also loves to ride in the truck when he goes to help my husband cut firewood. He goes walking with his brother Slater (the boxer) but still some tension with his other brothers, but we will eventually get there. Love him to death!!!


alexander alexander1


Sadie is a dog that was pulled to save her life! A wonderful couple in Tenn took Sadie under their wing and sponsored her to save her life! She is on her way to New York today to meet her new foster family where she can learn that people are good and kind. As we learn more about her, we will keep you updated! She is a young girl, estimated to be between 1-2 years old and very, very sweet!

saie1 sadie2 saie