Marty has a new home!

Marty was adopted tonight by Sarah and Brett along with Linus the cat and Rollins the dog! Rollins was very excited to have Marty there and just wanted to play. Linus wasn’t so excited, but did well when Marty was curious! Good luck to them all, great home for affectionate little Marty!


Sadie’s Forever Home!

Sadie is now in a home with a new doggie sister, parents Michele and Tyler, and siblings Natalya and Nathan! Her and her sister Dutchess played until they were both tired out. The fenced in yard offers an open play area to chase squirrels, play and bask in the sunshine. Her stay at home mommy will provide the security and love she deserves to lessen her separation issues. Thank you to her new family for providing the home that Sadie needs to thrive!


Hershey is home!

Hershey will be staying with her foster family as a permanent member of the family. She LOVES her Daddy Carl and Mommy Tammie so this is the best solution for her! She will get the love and care she needs! Thank you to Tammie and Carl for giving her a wonderful home!

hershey13116 hershey forever home