So I have this little guy, Snoopy, who is waiting for his forever home. Let me give you a little history about him. Snoopy came from Tennessee along with his brother, Baron, as abused, neglected, scared puppies with many fears and issues. I decided to foster Snoopy and another wonderful experienced foster took Baron. Working on Snoopy’s issues has been a challenge but honestly.. a rewarding challenge. For the short time Snoopy has been with me, teaching him trust, showing him love, and having patience, I am watching him grow into one of the most loveable, sweetest dogs I have ever had. His personality will have you cracking up!! The way he prances when he tries to catch a cricket in the grass, or speeding like a bullet when trying to catch a rabbit or squirrel. He loves the outdoors… rain or shine doesn’t bother him!! This little guy is now 8  months old and ready to meet his forever family, hopefully with a 4 legged brother. He just loves adults, Children, and other dogs. If you are that special person or family who is ready for a sweet, sweet puppy then check out Hubbard’s website or on Hubbard’s Hounds Facebook page also.


Sally has arrived

Sally is a beagle mix who already has someone interested in her. She is around 18 months old, but of course, we are never sure. She came from TX with Linus and is not yet available for adoption, but will be once she is fully vetted. Unfortunately, she came into heat and now has to wait for spaying. She will not be adopted until she is fully vetted and ready to go. She is a sweet, very active, playful little gal. If you are interested, go to and submit an application. NO PHONE CALLS! Her adoption donation is $250

linuaandsallyfreedompics sally22018 sally22018a

Adopted- Linus

Update- Linus has been adopted.


Linus is available for adoption. He is a parvo survivor and doing great. Just a day or two after pulling him from a shelter in TX, he became sick with Parvo. Spent time in the vet hospital and pulled through thankfully. He is a very sweet, energetic dog. His other foster Mom says he is fine with cats and dogs. I have had him neutered, he is up to date with shots, microchipped and on HW/flea prevention. His adoption donation is $300. If you are interested, go to and submit an application. NO PHONE CALLS!

linus22018 linus22018a linus22018b

Maggie will be available soon!

Maggie is another hound mix that came to us in horrible shape. Lived outside her whole life with little care or food. She is the sweetest gal and very calm. She wants nothing more than to snuggle on the couch with you! She loves people which always amazes me when they are treated so badly by previous owners! She hasn’t had one accident in the house so is doing great on the potty training. She doesn’t mind the other dogs, but also doesn’t really interact, mostly stays to herself and snuggles. We are estimating her at about 3, but she could be older, it is hard to know. She is spayed, up to date with shots, microchipped and will be available in about 6-8 weeks after she is treated for HW disease.

maggie22018 maggie22018a maggie22418

Adopted-Anne the sweet hound!

Anne is a young hound mix who came to us in awful shape. She was so starved and sad. She is a happy girl now who we estimate to be about 6 months, but she coud be older.She is almost house trained, has had a few accidents, but never lived in a house before so that is expected. She does go out and is getting it. She loves to play with her foster brother and didn’t have any reaction to the neighbors cat. She seems to love all people. Physically, she has put on weight and is at a good weight now. She was just spayed, has all her shots, is HW negative and microchipped, she is ready to go! If you are interested in this sweetie, go to and submit an application. NO PHONE CALLS. Adoption donation is $300.

annie22418 annie022418a annie22018

Reinee and Ivy Found Their Forever Home!

Sue adopted both Reinee and Ivy earlier this week.

Sue is a previous adopter of Hubbard Hounds. She adopted Brittany from me in 2016 and just adopted Fina.

Brittany is a senior and lost her buddy Marty last month. She was lonely so Sue wanted a buddy for her. Reinee and Ivy are the best as these 3 were buddies before Brittany was adopted.

Sue said that they have bonded already, just like no time has past, and we are very happy for all of them.


Havoc still looking for his forever family…

Havoc - posing collage (shrunk)

This very handsome lab mix just turned 3! He had a rough start in life–battling parvo as a tiny puppy and then undergoing open abdominal surgery to remove an intestinal blockage when he was only a few months old. After finally recovering, he was brought to a foster home in Ithaca, NY thanks to Hubbard’s Hounds. Because he spent his younger months in a vet hospital, he missed out on prime socialization time that would have helped him become the confident boy his size and stature (solid 85 lbs!) would otherwise suggest. But, with time and patience, he has done very well in his foster home and he has a lot to offer the right person!

Havoc is easy-going around the house and is typically a medium-energy pup. He very much enjoys relaxing around his favorite people and he is happy to nap pretty much anywhere!
Havoc - napping collage (shrunk)

Havoc walks very well on a short leash with a properly fitted prong collar (this helps keep his attention focused on his handler) and he’s a fabulous running & hiking buddy. He also loves going for rides in the car (short or long) and his foster mom often brings him along to run errands when the weather is appropriate. He has done some backyard agility work to help build confidence and is generally eager to please although, when he gets over-excited, he sometimes gets the zoomies and tears around like a giant goofball. He loves playing w balls (there are some hard rubber kinds that last a bit longer than tennis balls) although he tends to enjoy HAVING the ball, as opposed to dropping it for fetch over and over again. He also likes rope bones and other chew toys, but because he can make short work of some toys, his foster mom is very careful to make sure any small pieces are removed so he can’t accidentally swallow them.
Havoc - playing collage (shrunk)

As mentioned, Havoc can exhibit some anxiety, although there are a lot of ways to snap him out of it. Currently, isolation distress (being left all alone) is his biggest challenge, so he would do best in a home where there could always be someone with him. He has adapted well to his foster home (solid routines are key for him) and they are currently able to crate him, alongside their dog, for several hours at a time, several times a week. He may not be ready for this in a new home right away, but patient training should help. And when his foster family goes out of town, they have had housesitters stay with great success (Havoc doesn’t necessarily mind WHO is with him, just prefers that SOMEONE is.) 🙂

Havoc cannot be in a home with small animals because of his prey drive & size, and he can appear dog selective although (like his other ‘quirks’) it is really just a matter of managing his anxiety. He benefits from calm introductions (like long walks together, over multiple meetings) in order to build up trust and has done well with other dogs in this way. Finally, Havoc cannot be in a home with young children because they honestly just scare the bejeebers out of him. Older children who are dog savvy (and can understand how to read his mood and the need to behave calmly) may be okay.

This handsome buddy has been patiently waiting for his forever home and would really love to find his person–could you be that family for him? Please email if you want to learn more about Havoc, or submit an application today!