Willow is a poodle mix puppy mill survior who is blind. She came into rescue pregnant. She had her puppies and all have found homes. She was a wonderful mom. Willow is about 9 years old. She is still terribly afraid of people. She has started exploring her surroundings and generally is dog friendly unless they invade her bed. She has certain friends she will share with but she is dog selective. Unfortunately she is not potty trained and will also soil her crate.

She is about 20 pounds and very pretty. We believe she may have been born blind. She is special needs. Requires a kind and gentle home with limited expectations, willing to allow her time and space to grow at her pace.
A fenced yard is needed although she is very afraid outside. Once the weather improves we will continue working on that. No small kids and only gentle dogs.

If you want to help and are unable to adopt Willow, consider becoming a sponsor!

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