Havoc Needs a Hero

Please help us find Havoc a home!

Havoc is a 3 yr old lab mix who had a rough start in life. He survived two life-threatening situations (parvo and a later intestinal blockage that required open abdominal sugery) before he was even 6 months old! Being in a vet hospital for all those months meant he missed out on prime socialization time when he would have otherwise developed the confidence you’d expect from this handsome 80-lb lovebug. This means he can be extremely anxious in new situations (whether meeting people, going to new places, seeing other animals, etc.) and he does not do well when left alone.

That said, Havoc has thrived in a great foster home for the past couple years where they’ve patiently worked on managing his isolation distress and other anxieties. He trusts his human mom & dad and older canine sister and is just a big, happy goofball 95% of the time. They are even able to crate him while they’re away for a few hours at a time. Unfortunately, his comfortable foster home situation is about to become very scary for him due to the impending arrival of a new tiny human (babies and young children make Havoc VERY anxious.)

For Havoc’s well-being (and baby safety, of course) he needs to find a new home situation, and unfortunately all the foster homes in his current rescue are full. Another stable foster would work, but a forever home would be even better. He needs a home without children or small animals and very patient human(s) who have experience working with anxious or troubled dogs. Havoc has shown signs of fear aggression (dog and human) in a couple of situations and, because of his size, will need a confident and experienced foster/owner.

Havoc loves toys, chasing (and chewing/destroying) balls, walks beautifully on a leash (his foster mom uses a short leash and prong collar to help keep him focused on her during walks) would be a great running/hiking companion, and basically loves to just “hang out” at home. He adores going on road trips, rides wonderfully in cars & trucks, and he especially enjoys RV adventures. Havoc does very well with the dog in his foster home (a senior female) and, when slowly introduced in order to form a trusting relationship, has done well with multiple other large dogs as well.

Please help us find Havoc a new home where he can feel secure enough to share all the love he has to give. His current rescue and foster parents (based in Central NY) are willing to do whatever it takes to keep him safe and would consider helping with training costs, etc. to make sure he finds the right person/home where he can be successful and happy, like he deserves. Contact us through Facebook or at admin@hubbardshounds.com for more information, and please share this page–thank you!

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