Havoc still looking for his forever family…

Havoc - posing collage (shrunk)

This very handsome lab mix just turned 3! He had a rough start in life–battling parvo as a tiny puppy and then undergoing open abdominal surgery to remove an intestinal blockage when he was only a few months old. After finally recovering, he was brought to a foster home in Ithaca, NY thanks to Hubbard’s Hounds. Because he spent his younger months in a vet hospital, he missed out on prime socialization time that would have helped him become the confident boy his size and stature (solid 85 lbs!) would otherwise suggest. But, with time and patience, he has done very well in his foster home and he has a lot to offer the right person!

Havoc is easy-going around the house and is typically a medium-energy pup. He very much enjoys relaxing around his favorite people and he is happy to nap pretty much anywhere!
Havoc - napping collage (shrunk)

Havoc walks very well on a short leash with a properly fitted prong collar (this helps keep his attention focused on his handler) and he’s a fabulous running & hiking buddy. He also loves going for rides in the car (short or long) and his foster mom often brings him along to run errands when the weather is appropriate. He has done some backyard agility work to help build confidence and is generally eager to please although, when he gets over-excited, he sometimes gets the zoomies and tears around like a giant goofball. He loves playing w balls (there are some hard rubber kinds that last a bit longer than tennis balls) although he tends to enjoy HAVING the ball, as opposed to dropping it for fetch over and over again. He also likes rope bones and other chew toys, but because he can make short work of some toys, his foster mom is very careful to make sure any small pieces are removed so he can’t accidentally swallow them.
Havoc - playing collage (shrunk)

As mentioned, Havoc can exhibit some anxiety, although there are a lot of ways to snap him out of it. Currently, isolation distress (being left all alone) is his biggest challenge, so he would do best in a home where there could always be someone with him. He has adapted well to his foster home (solid routines are key for him) and they are currently able to crate him, alongside their dog, for several hours at a time, several times a week. He may not be ready for this in a new home right away, but patient training should help. And when his foster family goes out of town, they have had housesitters stay with great success (Havoc doesn’t necessarily mind WHO is with him, just prefers that SOMEONE is.) 🙂

Havoc cannot be in a home with small animals because of his prey drive & size, and he can appear dog selective although (like his other ‘quirks’) it is really just a matter of managing his anxiety. He benefits from calm introductions (like long walks together, over multiple meetings) in order to build up trust and has done well with other dogs in this way. Finally, Havoc cannot be in a home with young children because they honestly just scare the bejeebers out of him. Older children who are dog savvy (and can understand how to read his mood and the need to behave calmly) may be okay.

This handsome buddy has been patiently waiting for his forever home and would really love to find his person–could you be that family for him? Please email hubbardshoundsinfo@gmail.com if you want to learn more about Havoc, or submit an application today!

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