Sierra has a wonderful home!

Sierra was adopted this past Sunday to a wonderful, dog loving person. Lisa understood that Sierra might need some time to get comfortable and was willing to give her the love and time she needs to get comfortable. Sierra is one scared little girl when she is not in her element (my house) so she freezes up and won’t move. I am in constant contact with Lisa and Sierra is making progress. Thankfully, there is a person for every dog and I know Sierra and Lisa are going to be the most bonded pair in no time at all!

sierragoeshome1 sierragoeshome

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4 Responses to Sierra has a wonderful home!

  1. So good to know. This adoption bodes well for both!

  2. This adoption so good for both!

  3. Christine says:

    I am so happy Sierra found her loving match :)Congrats Lisa on your new family member.

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