Patch was adopted

Patch went home with Jeremy today. His older brother is also a Hubbard rescue named Homer (was Freckles) who has all sorts of adventures with his Dad. Now Patch and Homer can have adventures together! We wish them all the best! Patch couldn't have picked a better home!

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Tessa has arrived!

Tessa is estimated to be 14-16 weeks old and weighs around 20 lbs. She is very sweet and is outgoing. She is scheduled to be spayed on Feb 25th unless I can get it done sooner. As soon as she is spayed, she can go to her new home! Will ...

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Rex has arrived!

Rex arrived tonight along with Tessa. He was pretty overwhelmed at the number of dogs and is still somewhat afraid of people still. It was a long day for them traveling so tomorrow may be different. He is very sweet, but acts like he was abused. He is loving when ...

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Gunner Update

Gunner is now good friends with mom's parents' dog, they get on opposite ends of the same toy and tug.  He's getting bigger and seems to really enjoy trying to get the cats to play. This week's discovery - chasing snow balls is even better than a tennis ball because ...

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Introducing Cabella!

Cabella is a husky/blue! tick hound mix girl who is a little over a year old. She is around 50 lbs now but is lean and lanky so may get bigger. She has unlimited energy and is looking for a very active home. She prefers to be an only dog, ...

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